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August 5, 2022 8 Places to Bury Your Nose in a Book Around Northeast Ohio

Burying your nose in a good book is a great way to leave your worries behind for a few hours. People who read typically have more active imaginations. Plus, reading can help ease stress and depression, prevent cognitive decline, and build your vocabulary. Whether you love mystery novels,...


One of Cutler Real Estate's core values is to work with purpose: Life is busy, but the immediate shouldn't take priority over the important. Our Realtors always focus on what's important to buyers and sellers around Northeast Ohio, Columbus & Central Ohio, and Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky. Each...

Cutler's Top Producers for June 2022

August 3, 2022 Read Post

Independence Day may be in the rearview mirror, but there are still plenty of fireworks going on in our state. Cutler Real Estate and LoLo Gifts keep the summer going with their assortment of free gifts for July. Whether it's a colorful bouquet in Northeast Ohio, a glass of mead in Columbus,...

Celebrate Summer With These 8 LoLo Gifts Offers

July 29, 2022 Read Post

July 27, 2022 7 Places to Sip a Cool Summer Treat in Northern Kentucky

Summer means warmer temperatures, which are mostly a good thing. But when it gets too hot and you want to cool off, ordering a milkshake or iced coffee can help you chill out. Fortunately, Northern Kentucky has several great locations serving up these cold drinks near Boone County homes for...


While modern carousels are a beloved amusement ride, they have their roots in a combat preparation exercise from the Middle Ages. Knights attempted to spear small rings hanging overhead as they galloped in a circle. Commoners eventually adapted the game with the beginnings of our current...

8 Places to Take a Spin on the Carousel Around Ohio

July 22, 2022 Read Post

Now that summer is upon us, there are many outdoor activities that families can enjoy together, such as biking, hiking, picnics, sports, and more. But what happens when the sun goes away, and rain clouds appear? Being stuck inside playing video games and watching movies sounds like fun,...

9 Things to Do on a Rainy Summer Day in Cincinnati

July 20, 2022 Read Post

July 8, 2022 9 Destinations for Daiquiri Day Around Ohio

Beat the Midwest heat with a refreshing beverage to celebrate National Daiquiri Day on Tuesday, July 19. Whether you prefer frozen or on the rocks, you can't go wrong with daiquiris at these great bars and restaurants around Northeast Ohio, Columbus, and Cincinnati. Frozen Daiquiri Bar &...


No other artistic medium can match the delicate beauty of watercolors. July is Watercolor Month, so what better time to take a closer look at this refined art form? This month, visit these places in Columbus to see some of the most dazzling watercolor pieces made by American artists. You...

Watercolor Month: 7 Places to Celebrate in Columbus

July 6, 2022 Read Post

Farmers markets are the ideal destinations to buy local produce since what you're purchasing is typically grown nearby, and by the person you're buying it from. Not only will you be getting fresh, healthy food, but you'll also be supporting local farmers and vendors.Many farmers markets...

9 Places to Stock Up on Local Produce in Ohio

July 1, 2022 Read Post


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