Leadership Team

The success of our company begins with the strength of our leadership. The men and women that lead Cutler Real Estate are among the most experienced and professional in the industry and are the foundation of support for our Realtors.

Andy Camp
Andy Camp Owner, President
Jim Camp
Jim Camp Owner, Principal Broker
Rich Motts II
Rich Motts II Regional VP Northeast Ohio
Doug Green
Doug Green Regional VP Central Ohio
Don Johnson
Don Johnson Regional VP Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky
Art Travis
Art Travis Office Manager
Chris Rosen
Chris Rosen Office Manager
Deb Saczawa
Deb Saczawa Office Manager
Dianna Hosta-Stickney
Dianna Hosta-Stickney Office Manager
Don Johnson
Don Johnson Office Manager
Emily Levitt
Emily Levitt Office Manager
Jim Hinton
Jim Hinton Office Manager
Joe Mock
Joe Mock Office Manager
Linda Altomare
Linda Altomare Office Manager
Lisa Lingenhoel
Lisa Lingenhoel Office Manager
Melissa Mariola-Davis
Melissa Mariola-Davis Office Manager
Shirley Chimento
Shirley Chimento Office Manager
Tricia Reed
Tricia Reed Office Manager
Ryan Maurer
Ryan Maurer Director of Marketing
Suzi Stepanovich
Suzi Stepanovich eCommerce Manager
Terri Shoemaker
Terri Shoemaker Relocation Director
Debbie Montague
Debbie Montague HR Director and Operations Manager
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith Career Development Director Northeast Ohio
Stephen Merkle
Stephen Merkle Career Education Director Northeast Ohio
Deb Saczawa
Deb Saczawa Career Education Director Central Ohio
Cindy Hundley
Cindy Hundley Career Development Director Central Ohio
Tony Berg
Tony Berg Office Manager