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September 27, 2019 |

Meet Andie Brown Frisky: The Cutler Real Estate Agent Recently Featured on House Hunters

When Cutler Real Estate agent, Andie Brown Frisky was approached to appear on an episode of HGTV’s hit reality show, House Hunters, she jumped at the chance.

While Andie was, of course, excited to be on TV, she also never misses an opportunity to go on a new adventure. She’s been all over the world—and once even traveled to Greece all by herself on a complete whim!

So when it came time to film an episode of House Hunters, she was ready and excited. After all, she would be working with her friends, Katie and Carter, to help them find a new home.

The recently engaged couple was searching for a home in either Upper Arlington or Grandview due to the area’s accessibility to downtown and other amenities.

“Buying a house with a fenced yard was important for their dog (like many millennials),” Andie said. “They wanted to be in a neighborhood that was a great location for restaurants, bars, etc.”

After looking at several properties, they finally landed on their dream home in Grandview. “It is in a walkable area, which is perfect for them and their pup,” she added.

Andie with her husband and dogs

It’s common knowledge that the show is partially staged, using clients that already have one of the homes under contract and two other “decoy homes” to film the episode, but that didn’t make the episode any less enjoyable for Andie.

“Filming was fun and the team was really great to be around. At first it was weird to have a cameraman in each room as we walked in, but eventually, you get used to it. You forget they’re there and you work around them without realizing it,” she said.

When we asked if she would be willing to appear on the show again, Andie immediately agreed.

“I would be on the show again—it was a great way to showcase our awesome city and have clients have some fun.”

But Andie doesn’t have plans to jump into the world of reality TV anytime soon—she’s too busy helping Columbus area residents buy and sell their homes.

Andie grew up in a home where both her mother and paternal grandmother were successful Realtors. She watched as they worked tirelessly making their clients’ goals their own. After trying out other relationship-based careers, including a job selling medical devices in the operating room, she finally decided on the family business of real estate. She is celebrating 13 fabulous years in the business in 2019  and was even named one of Columbus Board of Realtors’ “Top 10 Under 40” earlier this year.

Andie and her family

“I never feel like I’m ’SELLING’ anyone. I’m ultimately helping people through a life transition and helping them meet their goals in the process. Sometimes it is a good life transition, like a growing family and sometimes it is hard, like a parent passing away—but ultimately I feel good about what I do every day and almost always my clients become friends.”

When she isn’t working as a real estate superhero or appearing on reality TV, Andie enjoys game nights with her family, fostering homeless dogs for area rescue groups and traveling the world. Make sure you follow her on Instagram so you can keep up with her adventures!

The big episode will premier on October 9th, 10 p.m. EST and we could not be more excited to see Andie in action. Will you be watching?

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