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August 14, 2019 |

18 “World’s Largest Things” in Ohio That Should Be On Your Bucket List

When it comes to world records, Ohio is an old pro. Our incredible state is full of famous record holders—including many of the “World’s Largest Things”. We have everything from the world’s largest cornfield to the biggest set of drumsticks, each with their own interesting story.

We rounded up some of our favorite unique “Biggest Things” in Ohio. Whether you’re looking for quirky stops to put on your next road trip or want to learn more about our state’s wacky side, you’ll find something that’ll pique your interest!

Click the city link accompanying each destination to see its location and photos taken by curious visitors.

The World’s Largest Stamp | Cleveland


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This Cleveland landmark, which was originally commissioned by Standard Oil of Ohio (now Amoco), stands 28 feet tall and 48 feet long. The massive sculpture has the word “Free” written across the bottom to commemorate the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, which honors soldiers from the Civil War and freedom from slavery. Today, you can find it in Willard Park in Downtown Cleveland!


The World’s Largest Corn Field | Dublin


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The Field of Giant Cobs, or “Cornhenge”, is located in Dublin, Ohio and features 109, people-sized ears of concrete corn in an eclectic art display. The installation was created as a salute to Sam Frantz, former Dublin farmer, who worked on developing hybrid corn seeds with Ohio State University from 1935 to 1963 on the very land where the large sculptures now reside.


The World’s Largest Washboard | Logan


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You can find the world’s largest washboard hanging on the side of the Columbus Washboard Company building in Logan. If you can, we recommend taking a tour of the factory, where you can watch them make washboards and other antique equipment. And that giant washboard isn’t the only thing Logan is known for; they also host the annual Washboard Fest. At “Ohio’s Most Unique Festival” clothes are hung out across the street in lieu of banners, you can listen to local artists perform, enjoy tasty treats from food vendors and participate in the parade!


The World’s Largest Can of Tomato Soup | Napoleon


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On the outskirts of Napoleon, at the side of the Campbell’s Soup plant, you’ll find an enormous soup can adorned with a traditional Campbell’s label. There’s a small gravel spot where you can pull over, take a photo and, according to visitors, actually enjoy the smell of soup wafting through the air!


The World’s Largest Outdoor Chandelier | Cleveland


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Cleveland’s Playhouse Square is the largest theater district in the country outside of New York City’s Lincoln Center, hosting thousands of fantastic shows and performances each year. But the dazzling events aren’t the only thing huge about this neighborhood—it also happens to be home to the world’s largest outdoor chandelier. The already iconic fixture was installed in 2014 and holds over 4,200 acrylic crystals.


The World’s Largest Gavel | Columbus


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This massive hammer of justice is located in front of the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center in Columbus. The 30-foot long gavel was created by artist Andrew Scott in 2008 to honor the Ohio Supreme Court and is settled on top of a large reflecting pool.


The World’s Largest Troll Collection | Alliance


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Trolls are all the rage right now and there’s no better place to be a troll enthusiast than the Troll Hole Museum. This Alliance treasure boasts more than 20,000 troll items—including a Guinness World Record troll collection. Here, you can learn everything about trolls, from ancient mythology to the modern dolls in pop culture that we have grown to know and love.


The World’s Largest Basket | Newark


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The city of Newark is home to a lot of baskets thanks to Longaberger Basket Company, which unfortunately went out of business in 2018. The world’s largest basket, a seven-story structure that was created to replicate Longaberger’s popular Medium Market Basket, was used to house the company’s headquarters. You can still drive by the iconic building along with several of its sisters—including the world’s largest apple basket and the house-sized picnic basket in nearby Dresden.


The World’s Largest Ping Pong Paddle | Columbus

World's Biggest Things in Ohio

Photo courtesy of Pins Mechanical Company

The world record for the largest ping pong paddle is held by Pins Mechanical Company in Columbus. The 12-foot long behemoth is located next to one of the ping pong tables in this eclectic arcade-bar. Along with ping pong, Pins Mechanical also offers plenty of pinball machines, duckpin bowling, outdoor Jenga, and, of course, a great selection of food and drinks.


The World’s Largest Claw Machine | Dayton


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Pin Mechanical isn’t the only bar in Ohio to have its own world record—Proto Build Bar in Dayton lays claim to the world’s largest claw machine. This unique establishment is part 3D printing lab, part electronic maker space and part café. You can play the massive claw machine, design your own model at one of the many 3D printers around the space, or just sit with a cup of warm espresso while you watch others create!


The World’s Largest Geode | Put-in-Bay


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The largest geode in the world is a cave located in Put-in-Bay, 40 feet underneath Heineman’s Winery. The winery discovered the cave, aptly named “Crystal Cave”, when workers were attempting to dig a well on their property in 1897. Thanks to the cave, which is full of massive crystals that reach up to 18 inches long, the family-run winery was saved from demise during Prohibition. You can visit it today to see the incredible crystals (and to do some wine tasting) seven days a week, May through September.


The World’s Largest Loaf of Bread | Urbana


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The world’s largest loaf of bread is located in Urbana. While it’s not edible, it’s still definitely worth a trip. The structure was constructed out of fiberglass and steel and can be found near the loading dock of the Bundy Baking Museum and Factory. The age and origin of the loaf are unknown and because it’s pretty hard to find, it has become something of an urban (or should we say Urbana?) legend to locals.


The World’s Largest Drumsticks | Warren


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Unbeknownst to many, David Grohl, the former drummer for Nirvana and the frontman for the Foo Fighters, was born in Warren, Ohio. While he isn’t a lifelong resident, he did call the small town home for a while when he was a child. Former local police officer, Joe O’Grady wanted to encourage the young people in the community of Warren with the success story of David Grohl. He accomplished this by cleaning up a decrepit alley and giving local artists a place to showcase their work. The area became known as “David Grohl Alley” and features sculptures and murals dedicated to Grohl created by local artists—including the world’s largest drumsticks, each of which weighs close to 900 pounds.


The World’s Largest Horse and Buggy | Greenwich


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It’s no secret that we adore Ohio’s Amish country. There are so many delicious farm-to-table restaurants, hospitable inns and interesting things to see—including the world’s largest horse and buggy! This quirky art installment is made completely out of 2x4s and is a total of 32 feet long and 14 feet tall. The sculpture is located in front of an Amish-style bulk grocery store, Beyond Measure Market.


The World’s Largest Pumpkin Water Tower | Circleville



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We can’t think of a better place for a massive pumpkin water tower than in Circleville, a city famous for its annual pumpkin festival. The Circleville Pumpkin Show is always completely free to attend and features a giant pumpkin weigh-in, a pumpkin pie auction, several parades, a Little Miss Pumpkin Show, fantastic live music, delicious fair food and so much more.


The World’s Largest Matchstick | Wadsworth

World's Biggest Things

Photo courtesy of the Blue Tip Festival

The world’s largest matchstick is erected one week a year, with a flaming torch head, as part of Wadsworth, Ohio’s annual Blue Tip Festival. The festival was created to celebrate the town’s former top employer: the Ohio Match Company. The company helped move Wadsworth from a coal mining town to an industrial community, opening up a factory in the area to make their famous “Ohio Blue Tip” strike-anywhere matches. While the corporation closed in the 1980s, the festival lives on, with the 17-foot-tall match being ceremoniously lit during the annual Blue Tip Parade.


The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock | Sugarcreek


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The biggest cuckoo clock in the world is nestled in the Swiss-themed tourist town, Sugarcreek, Ohio. The clock was originally commissioned in 1963 by the Alpine Alpa (a themed restaurant in Wilmot, Ohio) and took 12 years and almost $50,000 to create. In 2007, after Alpine Alpa closed, the clock was donated to the town of Sugarcreek, where it still sits today. Every 30 minutes, the clock comes to life with dancing Bavarian figures and polka music played by a five-piece robot Oompah band.


The World’s Largest Horseshoe Crab | Hillsboro


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This massive horseshoe crab, or Crabby, has had many homes, from a marine biotechnology research institute to a Christian museum. Today the 67-foot-long structure is located along SR 124 at the eastern edge of Hillsboro. Each year, the massive arthropod draws in people from all over the world and has even been featured on t-shirts and other memorabilia in popular movies and television shows.


Everything is Bigger in Ohio!

Let us know which record-breaking destination you’d like to visit first in the comments below!

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