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May 31, 2019 |

How to Choose the Right Cincinnati Neighborhood For You

Cincinnati is an incredible city located on the banks of the Ohio River bursting with plenty of great restaurants, picturesque parks, breweries, beautiful homes and a great community of residents — so we don’t blame you for wanting to live here!

When you do decide to move here (and we think you will!), it can be hard to decide on the perfect neighborhood. That’s why we rounded up some of the most popular communities in Cincinnati, all of which are fantastic places to live. No matter who you are or what you’re looking for, there’s a home and neighborhood perfect for you. Happy exploring!

For the Shopaholic — Hyde Park

Hyde Park Cincinnati, OH

Named after the fashionable neighborhood in New York City, Hyde Park is one of the best places in Cincinnati for shopping. In the center of the community, is Hyde Park Square, a two-block area of Erie Avenue, full of one-of-a-kind shops. This neighborhood is located less than five miles from downtown Cincinnati and showcases the best of city living alongside stunning Victorian-era architecture and other unique buildings like the Mushroom House, which looks like something pulled from the pages of Alice in Wonderland.

However, Hyde Park isn’t only a shopping destination; it’s also home to several picturesque parks, award-winning restaurants and wineries. So no matter what you’re interested in, Hyde Park is a desirable place to live for practically anyone!

Neighborhood highlights: The Cincinnati Observatory, Aligator Purse, Echo, Soho Boutique and the Coffee Emporium.   

For the Hipster — Over-The-Rhine

For those who always want to be ahead of the curve, constantly seeking out new and unique parts of a city, look no further! Over the Rhine (or OTR) is one of Cincinnati’s hottest neighborhoods, full of great restaurants, shopping, colorful buildings and friendly people.

OTR feels like a mini Brooklyn, in fact, the New York Times described it as having “a scale and grace reminiscent of Greenwich Village in New York” and we aren’t surprised. One look at the historic buildings and vibrant culture will have you living out your greatest NYC fantasies.

Neighborhood highlights: Eagle OTR, Holtman’s Donuts, Bakersfield OTR, Taft’s Ale House and Findlay Market

For the Artist — Pleasant Ridge

Cincinnati Neighborhoods

Located on the northeastern edge of Cincinnati, Pleasant Ridge is a charming residential neighborhood marked by its small business district and high concentration of artists and musicians. In fact, Pleasant Ridge and the neighboring community, Kennedy Heights, formed District A in 2008 to build community and fuel the economic development through the arts along Montgomery Road.

While Pleasant Ridge is currently on the underrated side, the neighborhood is definitely on the rise. Not only will you find some of the best restaurants and attractions, but you’ll also find the Overlook Lodge, a bar full of cocktails inspired by the Shining.

Neighborhood highlights: Nine Giant Brewing, Queen City Comic and Card Company and the Pendleton Art Center

For the History Buff — Mount Adams

Situated on what feels like a small mountain and overlooking the Cincinnati skyline, Mount Adams (or the “Hill) oozes the “I could live here” factor. The area is full of picturesque sidewalks, winding streets, new apartments and charming homes. It is even surrounded by one of the city’s favorite parks: Eden Park, which is just as idyllic as the name suggests.

Because of its view of the river valley, Mount Adams played a role in the city’s defense against the Confederate Army during the Civil War, with two artillery cannons placed in the area (neither were ever fired). So, while we think the Hill would be a perfect home for most people, history buffs will love exploring all of the historic features of the neighborhood.

Neighborhood highlights: Mount Adams Bar & Grill, the Cincinnati Art Museum and Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.

For the Young Professional — Oakley

Cincinnati Neighborhoods

Oakley has drawn in a ton of young professionals over the years, and it’s not difficult to see why. The neighborhood is full of swanky bars, restaurants and shops along with plenty of lower priced, beautiful homes.

Because this charming area borders Hyde Park, many people tend to assume (incorrectly) that Oakley is the less desirable of the two. But, until recently, it was one of the best-kept secrets in Cincinnati. The secret is out, unfortunately, and people are starting to catch on to the fact that there’s a lot to love about this convenient, up-and-coming neighborhood.

Neighborhood highlights: Redtree Art Gallery and Coffee Shop, Brazee Street Studios, Flying Pig Irish Pub, Oakley Wines and MadTree Brewing

For Families — Indian Hill

Indian Hill is Cincinnati’s most affluent suburb and is located just north of the city limits. The village actually encompasses 20 square miles, so there are plenty of opportunities to make a home here. Its rural atmosphere, high safety ratings and strong sense of community make it the perfect place for families!

The neighborhood’s education level is tough to beat, as Indian Hill High School boasts unparalleled fine arts, athletics and of course, academics. As an added bonus, the area is practically a natural paradise, full of parks, lakes and trails, so you and the kiddos won’t ever run out of things to explore!

Neighborhood highlights: Indian Hill Club, Rheinstrom Park and Red Bird Hollow Trailhead

For the Foodie — Clifton

Clifton Cincinnati, OH

The neighborhood of Clifton actually encompasses several different areas: Clifton proper, Corryville, the Heights and Clifton Heights (we know, it’s a little confusing). But this large area of Cincinnati has gone through a ton of changes lately. What used to be a neighborhood that served as an extension of downtown Cincinnati, has turned into a trendy urban space full of parks, quaint storefronts, shops and, of course, amazing restaurants.

Clifton is the place to go for a great meal, whether it’s for a date night or just a casual lunch get-together. The food scene in the area also happens to be incredibly diverse, boasting a plethora of Indian, Greek, Italian, Vietnamese and Mexican establishments.

Neighborhood highlights: Ambar, the Brass Tap, Esquire Theater, Edgewood Grove Park and the Clifton Cultural Arts Center

For the Outdoor Enthusiast — Sayler Park

Sayler Park is one of the most charming neighborhoods you’ll ever visit. This community sits a bit outside Cincinnati and stretches along the Ohio River, so you can enjoy a little quiet outside of the city without being too far away from the action!

The area is marked by the gorgeous Fernbank Park, an idyllic 65-acre, park bench-dotted piece of greenery that borders the river. It’s the perfect spot for a morning run with Fido or an afternoon picnic on summer days. But the real draw here is the small town feel, friendly people and small businesses.

Neighborhood highlights: Cabana on the River, Fernbank Golf Course, Thornton Triangle, Shamrock and Bender Mountain Preserve

For the Architecture Lover — Columbia Tusculum

Cincinnati Neighborhoods

Photo courtesy of Columbia Tusculum

Founded in 1788, the stunning Columbia Tusculum has long prided itself on being Cincinnati’s first neighborhood. And, while many may think that Over-the-Rhine is the current crown jewel of Cincinnati, we think it might be Columbia Tusculum. Not only is there plenty to do, see and eat in the area — it also happens to be absolutely gorgeous.

If you take a stroll down the neighborhood, you’ll find streets full of colorfully painted houses reminiscent of San Francisco’s “Painted Ladies” and murals depicting them along the sidewalks. For those who aren’t as interested in architecture as others, head up (and we mean “up” because it’s a pretty big hill) to the picturesque Alms Park, which is what nature enthusiasts’ dreams are made of.

Neighborhood highlights: Streetside Brewery, Ygasana Mysore Cincinnati, Yust Gallery, Taglio and Allyn’s Cafe


Did one of these neighborhoods catch your eye?

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