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May 17, 2019 |

Cutler Real Estate Agent to Be Featured on House Hunters

When Karleya Chard, a Cutler Real Estate agent from our German Village office, was offered the chance to appear on the HGTV series “House Hunters,” she had a pretty good idea of what to expect. As it so happens, this wasn’t her first time on the popular show — having filmed an episode in 2015.

Karleya and her husband, Bryan

Nearly four years ago, Karleya helped her college friend Megan Charney and her husband Richard find a home on the show. The couple viewed three homes and ultimately fell in love with a four-bedroom, two-story home in Hilliard.

This time around, when House Hunters Producers asked Karleya if she had any clients that would be interested in filming this year, she immediately thought of her friends Katie and Carter, who had recently gotten engaged and were looking for a home in the Upper Arlington area.

“They are great people and were kind, reasonable clients which made them fun candidates to share the [House Hunters] experience with,” she said.

The couple was looking for a three-bedroom home with a two-car garage in either Upper Arlington or Grandview due to the area’s accessibility to downtown and other amenities.

“Katie was focused on the home being move-in-ready,” said Karleya, “and Carter was focused on staying under budget. They both wanted a home with a yard suitable for their dogs.”

We asked Karleya if she could give us some information on Katie and Carter’s final choice, but she declined to answer. “I don’t want to say too much about which home they chose because I don’t want to spoil the reveal at the end of the show. But I will say they landed on a perfect compromise,” she said with a smile.

While the hunt for Katie and Carter’s new home ended like most of Karleya’s house hunting journeys do — a success — the process was much different than usual.

“Filming the show is exhilarating and exhausting,” Karleya said of her experience working on the episode. She then described what a typical day of filming House Hunters looked like.

Karleya during the filming of her most recent episode of House Hunters

“The day typically begins with the clients approaching the home, hearing about the stats (bed, baths, style, price) and gauging their initial reaction,” she said. “We then film each room on the interior, sharing the buyers’ thoughts on the pros and cons. And the day ends by filming individual confessionals where the producer prompts you with questions and you respond.”

It’s common knowledge that the show is partially staged, using clients that already have one of the homes under contract and two other “decoy homes” to film the episode, but that didn’t make the episode any less fun for Karleya.

“At first it is nerve-wracking to be filmed but as the days progress and you become familiar with the crew and fall into a rhythm, the filming process becomes more fun and natural,“ she said. “That being said… don’t sign me up for a reality show.”

Instead of becoming a reality TV star, Karleya is focused on building her real estate business and helping people in the Columbus community. “My favorite parts of being a Realtor are helping people meet their goals by managing the home buying and selling process and minimizing the stress that comes along with such a large transaction and life transition.”  

Karleya and her family

When she isn’t busy being a real estate superhero, Karleya enjoys spending time with her two little boys: Bennett and Adler and her husband Bryan.

“They are the highlights of my life and the reason I put 100% into what I do.”

The big episode will premier sometime this fall and we could not be more excited to see Karleya in action. Will you be watching?

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