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January 16, 2019 |

The 15 Best Record Shops in Ohio

Nowadays, music is available pretty much everywhere at any given time. With a click of a button, you can be the owner of a brand new album and never even have to leave your couch. Because music is so readily available, it’s hard to believe that record shops have survived. But, not only have they survived, they’re thriving right now — especially in Ohio!

With the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame located in Cleveland and the hundreds of record labels calling Ohio home, our beloved home state has become a music capital. To celebrate Ohio’s rich musical history and love of vinyl, we’ve curated this list of our favorite record shops in the state. No matter what kind of music you enjoy, we’re sure you’ll find a noteworthy spot.

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Cincinnati | Columbus & Central Ohio | Northeast Ohio


Plaid Room Records

122 West Loveland Avenue, Loveland

The Best Record Stores in Ohio

Photo courtesy of  Terry Cole via Plaid Room Records

Plaid Room Records is a new and used record store in downtown Loveland and is home to Colemine Records label, an analog studio and live music venue! They have over 20,000 LPs in their store and even have new vinyl available to order from their online store.  

Shake It Records

4156 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati

You can’t make a list about the best record shops in Ohio without mentioning Shake It Records. Named one of the best record shops in the country by Rolling Stone, Shake It Records has deep Cincinnati roots. They started as a record label in 1978 and quickly turned into mail-order catalog, which then evolved into a 3,200+ square foot storefront in 2001. They currently stock over 25,000 titles on vinyl and 15,000 titles on compact disc and specialize in independent labels  — all while running their thriving label!

Mole’s Record Exchange

111 Calhoun Street, Cincinnati

Since 1974, Mole’s Record Exchange has been a Cincinnati staple. Because they’ve been around for so long, they aren’t interested in jumping on trends. Instead, they focus on having good music and bringing people together. They sell both new and used records and offer special order service so you’ll be sure to find that LP you’ve been looking for!

MetaModern Music

4011 Allston St, Cincinnati

Photo courtesy of MetaModern Music

MetaModern Music is a vinyl lover’s heaven, offering a great selection of used and new records from all genres and culture items. They even offer an Album of the Month Club, where you are invited to an exclusive monthly listening party to hear a surprise album!

Everybody’s Records

6106 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati

Nestled in Pleasant Ridge, Everybody’s Records just celebrated their 40th anniversary. Not only do they specialize in new and used records, but they have also added imports and collectibles to their lineup, making them the place to visit for music enthusiasts from around the world. Everybody’s Records promises to please any music fan, no matter what your preferences are.


Columbus & Central Ohio

Spoonful Records

116 East Long Street, Columbus

This adorable record shop is located in downtown Columbus and has been named the best record store in Ohio by Vinyl Me, Please. The owners, Brett Ruland and Amy Kesting, are incredibly accommodating and have even let two of their customers get married in the shop! Not only are they a great vinyl retailer, but they also provide a calming and intimate space to relax on a weekend while listening to fantastic music.

Lost Weekend Records

2960 North High Street, Columbus

Established in 2003, Lost Weekend specializes in new and used vinyl records of all genres, as well as used CD’s, DVD’s, books and a ton of other music collectibles! They are committed to continuing the tradition and legacy of the independent vinyl record stores in the Columbus community, even if that means sending you to a different store if they don’t have that specific record you’ve been hunting for!

Used Kids Records

2500 Summit Street, Columbus

Since 1986, Used Kids Records has grown into an institution among Columbus record stores. They offer a well-curated selection of new and used vinyl, CD’s and restored vintage stereo equipment. They have one of the best music inventories in central Ohio and have enough boxes and bins to keep you digging for days!

Elizabeth’s Records

3037 Indianola Avenue, Columbus

The Best Record Stores in Ohio

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth’s Records

Elizabeth’s carries a wide variety of used records in all musical genres and will even buy that old stack of vinyl you have collecting dust in your garage! When you stop in, make sure to visit Jonesy, their official record store cat!

Craft & Vinyl

1806 West 5th Avenue, Columbus

This unique music haven is not only a vinyl record shop but also a craft beer counter and a songwriter’s recording suite. Stop by and peruse the record selection while sipping on a delicious beer and listening to a live band. You won’t find anything like Craft & Vinyl anywhere else!


Northeast Ohio

A Separate Reality Records

3932 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland

The Best Record Stores in Ohio

Photo courtesy of Separate Reality Records

A Separate Reality Records owner Augustus Payne has a true love of obscure music from the 60s and 70s, so he decided to open his own record shop and share that love with the rest of Cleveland. This eclectic shop buys and sells rare and collectible vinyl records in any genre you can think of. With a stock of over 200,000 used records, you’re sure to find something to love!

My Mind’s Eye

16010 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood

If you’re looking for anything underground, rock, punk, hard-core metal or Indy related, My Mind’s Eye is the shop for you. They offer a huge selection of new and used vinyl, CD’s, posters, collectibles and other vintage items at bargain prices!

Blue Arrow Records

16001 Waterloo Road, Cleveland

The Best Record Stores in Ohio

Photo courtesy of Blue Arrow Records

Blue Arrow Records has it all — from vintage vinyl, cassettes and music memorabilia to books, pulp fiction and vintage magazines. They specialize in high quality, reasonably priced LPs and 45s spanning from the 1950s to the present day. Even if you aren’t interested in buying, you should visit the shop just to see the incredible 1,300 square foot floor covered entirely in album covers!

Square Records

824 West Market Street, Akron

Square Records is a proud member of the thriving art and music scene in Akron. They specialize in new music from independent rock artists and labels but are continuing to extend their selection into more genres. Local bands are welcome to sell their CD’s and records on consignment in the shop, and local artists are welcome to display their artwork in the back of the shop!

The Vinyl Groove Records

679 Broadway Avenue, Bedford

The Best Record Stores in Ohio

Photo courtesy of The Vinyl Groove Records

Since 2014, The Vinyl Groove has accumulated a loyal base of customers. They offer a vast collection of used and new records, reasonably priced vintage audio equipment, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Their collection is constantly growing with new arrivals being added daily, so make sure to stop by and check out their incredible selection!


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