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September 4, 2018 |

18 Crazy World Records Held by Ohio Locals

When it comes to world records, some are certainly quirkier than others. For instance, you might not even think to try and break a record for the largest yo-yo. And the race is always on to snag the title of fastest pitcher or heaviest lifter. Here in Ohio, we are proud to claim some world records on both ends of the spectrum. What can we say? We’re overachievers.

Here are some of the craziest world records held by Ohioans from Cincinnati to Cleveland and everywhere in between. Do you think you have what it takes to claim a new Guinness title?


The Largest Game of Catch

On July 9, 2015, 1,057 people gathered in Cincinnati and played the largest game of catch in history! The gathering was made even more epic by members of the Cincinnati Reds. It was organized as part of MLB’s commitment to making baseball and softball more accessible for underserved young people, so signing up was completely free and all participants received a tee shirt, a baseball and snacks.


The First Giga Roller Coaster

If you read our piece on the 10 coolest roller coasters in Ohio, you already know about the crazy thrills our local theme parks have to offer. The Millennium Force in Cedar Point was the world’s first giga coaster, classified as a coaster with a complete circuit and a height of somewhere between 300 and 399 feet at its highest point. And aside from that claim to fame, it’s also one of the fastest coasters in the world, reaching 93 miles per hour. Are you up for it?


The Largest Linked 5K Race Ever

Running is tough enough already — can you imagine completing a 5K race with your arms linked? On May 20, 2017, 190 people came together to run and raise awareness for Aruna, a non-profit dedicated to freeing women from the sex trafficking industry in India.


The Fastest Baseball Pitch

World's Fastest Baseball Pitch

It’s no secret that Aroldis Chapman, pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, is a legend on the field. He is known to be the hardest pitcher in the sport, with an average throw of nearly 100 mph. He also officially holds the record for the fastest pitch at 105.1 miles per hour! We wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that one. Go Reds!


The Largest Yo-Yo

The largest yo-yo in existence, weighing in at 4,620 pounds and measuring 11 feet across, was created by Beth Johnson on September 15, 2012 in Cincinnati. You might be imagining it as a sedentary sculpture, but the yo-yo was actually functional! It plunged 120 feet on a rope attached to a 68-ton crane before rebounding.


The Most Consecutive Haircuts by a Team in 24 Hours

In September 2010, a 10 person team at Pump Salon at Rookwood Commons worked around the clock to complete 618 haircuts in a 24-hour period. To put that into perspective, that is 2.5 haircuts per stylist per hour without breaks. All of the haircuts given were completely free, but donations were spread out amongst six different local charities.


The Most People Making S’mores Simultaneously

Ohio World Records

This is one record we would have loved to be present for! On October 21, 2017, 566 people gathered in Toledo’s Blue Creek Metropark to achieve sweet victory. They snagged the record for the most people making s’mores simultaneously — yum.


The Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Penguins

Youngstown State University decided to attempt a world record title for their 50th Anniversary! People were called to don penguin costumes and gather in a central location. 972 people ended up accepting the invite, resulting in the largest human penguin colony on record!


The Most Tenpin Bowling Strikes in One Hour

Ohio World Records

If we find ourselves competing in a bowling tournament anytime soon, we know who we would want on our team. Adam Barta scored 191 tenpin bowling strikes at Holiday Bowl in Struthers on November 12, 2016. To put that in perspective, that is 3.2 strikes per minute!


The Longest Hula Hoop Session

Aaron Hibbs, a Columbus resident, completed nearly 75 hours of unceasing hula hooping in October 2009. He had help from nearly 100 people!


The Farthest Distance Wakeboarding in 24 Hours

We love water sports as much as the next person, but we don’t think we would sign up to wakeboard for 24 hours non-stop. A team of 10 brave souls were up to the challenge, though, and completed a circuit of 509.2 miles in June 2010 by wakeboarding laps around the Wake Nation Cincinnati facility.


The Largest Collection of Trolls

Troll Hole Museum

Photo courtesy of the Troll Hole Museum

The largest collection of trolls belongs to Sherry Groom, who showcases her work at the Troll Hole Museum in Alliance. The museum boasts more than 20,000 troll items and nearly 3,000 troll dolls alone. It is certainly a sight to behold!


The Longest Career as a Weather Forecaster

Imagine loving your job so much that you were able to stay there for more than 50 years! The longest career as a weather forecaster is 51 years and 6 days, and was achieved by Cleveland’s Dick Goddard in September 2016. He spent nearly all of his career at WJW Channel 8.


Heaviest Bench Press

The heaviest bench press in a single lift was achieved by Blaine Sumner on March 5, 2016 at the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus. He lifted a whopping 401.5 kilograms, which is more than 885 pounds!


The Heaviest Watermelon

Ohio World Records

We hope that Christopher Kent hosted a giant backyard barbecue after snagging this world record! He was able to grow a watermelon weighing 350.5 pounds and showcased his victory at the 2013 Operation Pumpkin Festival in Hamilton.


The Most Participants in a Duct Tape Fashion Show

340 fashionistas strutted their stuff on the runway at the 11th Annual Duck Tape Festival in Avon in 2014. The theme of the festival was “out of this world,” which inspired most of the duct tape creations.


The Smallest Police Dog

She may have been little, but she was fierce! Midge passed her Ohio Certification as a Narcotics Dog in November of 2006, measuring just 11 inches tall. She is the smallest police dog on record!


The Largest Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is one of our absolute favorite fall traditions, so this giant dessert is a dream come true. The largest pumpkin pie on record was created by the New Bremen Giant Pumpkin growers in September 2010. The pie had a diameter of 20 feet and the crust was made of 440 sheets of pie dough!


Think you can do better?

If you were going to try and break a record on this list, which would it be? Let us know in the comments!

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