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March 2, 2018 |

14 Incredible Cleveland-Based Businesses Worth Supporting

Here in Cleveland, we have a strong sense of pride. We are grounded in life’s most important treasures — family, good food and sports (go Cavs!) — and we know that our little slice of heaven on Lake Erie is something truly special. Our town is filled with makers and innovators that are putting us on the map as one of the best craft beer cities in the country, as well as a mecca for artists, foodies and adventurers.

We like to support these entrepreneurs whenever we get the chance, so we rounded up our favorite local businesses in Cleveland. On this list, you’ll find everything from charming boutiques to organic pet stores, and creative jewelers to expert pizza slingers. Their products are 100% Ohio, and 100% worth supporting.


Outdoor equipment and apparel

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Since 1932, Clevelanders have been coming to Geiger’s for all of their outdoor apparel needs. Geiger’s sells men’s and women’s clothing as well as footwear, gear for snow sports, cycling, hiking and more, and each store has a unique selection! The brand has now expanded to three locations in the Cleveland area, but continues to stick to its original business mantra — high quality, exceptional service and highly functional apparel. Perhaps that’s why the company serves several generations of loyal customers!

Room Service

Housewares, apparel, gifts and artwork

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Room Service, a charming independent boutique located in Ohio City, has everything that you could possibly need and more. You’ll find exceptional gifts, homewares, trendy apparel, artwork, jewelry and more in an environment that truly stands apart from the rest! The shop is owned by artist and designer, Jennie Doran, who uses the space as an outlet for her creativity, and runs it alongside her husband, Andrew Worm.

Lake Erie Pet Food Co.

Pet supplies


You do your best to eat healthy and take care of yourself, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your pet? Lake Erie Pet Food Co. specializes in high-quality, locally made pet food that is delivered straight to your door. There is no corn, wheat, gluten or soy, no animal by-products, no GMOs, and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. It’s the freshest, healthiest and highest quality dry food you can get — and it’s all made right here in Northeast Ohio!

Cleveland Street Glass


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Photo courtesy of Cleveland Street Glass

Who knew that something beautiful could come from a car break in? This local jeweler creates gorgeous pieces from auto glass swept right off the streets. Each piece is completely unique, and showcases the natural breaks and flaws in the glass. Automotive glass is a beautiful color all on its own, but when accented by gorgeous silver and gold settings, it takes on a completely new look. See our interview with owner, Deanna Dionne, here


Locally made gifts

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Clevelanders have a lot of pride for our hometown, and we love sharing that enthusiasm whenever we get the chance! LOCLE Box makes it easy to spread the local love with people all over the country (and even the world). The gift boxes are filled with Ohio-made, artisan products, including treats, apparel, candles and more. Contact the owner (Deby) to customize your box to your preferences, and then send it off to a faraway family member as a reminder of home.

Cuyahoga Collective

Home goods and creative services

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Photo courtesy of Cuyahoga Collective

To create the best living space, you need to surround yourself with things you love. Cuyahoga Collective embraces this mantra, offering home goods, apparel and artwork inspired by the Lake Erie coast. Many of the products sold in the store are created right here in Ohio, and the company also collaborates with local brands, offering copywriting, interior design, strategic services and more.

Old City Soda


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Soda doesn’t have to be packed with artificial flavors and preservatives, but unfortunately, that’s what you’ll typically find at the grocery store. At Old City Soda, however, they’re doing things differently. These handcrafted sodas feature fresh-from-market produce and all-natural ingredients that are pressed by hand, carefully mixed, carbonated and bottled in small batches. Enjoy straight from the bottle, or incorporate into your favorite cocktail.

Old Brooklyn Cheese Company


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From mild cheese to stinky cheese, and soft buttery cheese to hard aged cheeses, cheese aficionados will find everything they need at the Old Brooklyn Cheese Company. The cheeses are made by Cleveland’s own Michael Januska, who has gained inspiration and vast knowledge of the cheesemaking industry from his travels across Europe and his experience as a head chef in London. Stop by for an in-house tasting, settle down at a table to enjoy an artisanal cheese-focused sandwich, or pick up a charcuterie platter to go for your next party!

Cleveland Whiskey


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Photo courtesy of Cleveland Whiskey

Named “Whiskey Distillery Innovator of the Year,” Cleveland Whiskey has won a total of 38 medals at competitions around the world. The distillery uses modern technology and transformative woods like sugar maple, apple, black cherry, hickory and more to completely alter the taste of it’s barrel-aged bourbons. “No sugar, no syrup, no artificial flavor or color,” said CEO Tom Lix. “All of the flavor comes from the wood.”


Donuts and craft beer

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Photo courtesy of Brewnuts

Brewnuts is a collaboration between two Cleveland locals, Shelley and John Pippin, who gave up their full-time jobs to pursue their passion for beer, donuts and their hometown. The shop is a combination of a charming corner bakery and your favorite happy hour spot, offering local craft brews alongside craft-beer-based, small batch donuts. The beer creates a rich flavor and texture in the donut — flavors that are then augmented by fun additions like fruity pebbles, coffee, bacon and more.

Malley’s Chocolates


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Malley’s Chocolates is a family-owned and operated business now celebrating its third generation. The sweet shop is based right here in Cleveland, but has served customers both local and international for more than 80 years! Here you can find everything from chocolate covered marshmallows to hot fudge, and ice cream concoctions to brittle. All of the products are Ohio-made, and though there are now 23 storefronts across the region, Clevelanders have the opportunity to visit the charming spot on Madison Avenue where it all began.

CLE Urban Winery


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CLE Urban Winery is an inviting, boutique winery located in the heart of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. The shop celebrates its Cleveland roots by producing, selling and serving wines that honor our city in flavor and in brand — all made in house from high quality grapes. Settle down in the chic, cozy shop to sample a few of the whites and reds on hand, and perhaps take a bottle home with you!

Great Lakes Brewing Company

Craft beer

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Photo courtesy of Great Lakes Brewing Company

Great Lakes Brewing Company beer is now sold in stores and restaurants from coast to coast, but the renowned craft beer brand got its start right here in Cleveland! Irish brothers Patrick and Daniel Conway opened their operation in the historic Ohio City neighborhood in 1986 under tricky circumstances. Cleveland had just shuttered its last production brewery in the early 80s, the neighborhood was still up-and-coming, and the brothers themselves had limited brewing experience, but they turned to experts and passionate people to help make their dream a reality. Now more than two decades later, the Ohio brewery has an impressive stack of awards under its belt, a large fan base, and incredibly flavorful brews worth savoring. Come see what all the fuss is about!

Dante’s Pizza


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Established in 1963, Dante’s is a long-standing neighborhood favorite. Though the restaurant has switched ownership several times over the years, the pizza recipe has remained exactly the same, because, why fix something that isn’t broken? Grab one of the specialty pizzas for a quick dinner or to share with friends! We are particularly fond of the White Garlic, smothered with a buttery garlic sauce, and the Pepperoni Feast, which features (you guessed it) layers and layers of pepperoni.


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