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March 21, 2017 |

The 9 Best Cups of Coffee in Cincinnati

If there’s one thing Cincinnati knows well, it’s coffee. Our beloved city has some of the most renowned shops and roasters in the country — so many that it can be tough to decide where to go when you’re craving a cuppa. Life is rough.

Whether you’re dragging your feet on a Monday morning or looking for a Sunday afternoon hangout, it’s important to try something new every once in a while. Get out on the town this week to sip one of these bevvies from our favorite Cincinnati coffee shops.

A Cappuccino and Toast at Urbana Cafe

Cincinnati's Best Coffee Shops | Urbana Cafe

Photos courtesy of Urbana Cafe

A queen of coffee in the Queen’s City, Urbana Cafe is one of the most popular hangouts around. Not only is the shop pet friendly, but it offers an expansive toast menu, all of which pair well with a steaming espresso. We recommend the peaches ‘n’ cream toast with a cappuccino and a $1 dog treat for your furry friend. Bonus: Look for Urbana’s oh-so adorable vintage coffee cart around town, or book it for a special event!

1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab’s Irish Coffee

We had a tough time deciding whether to feature wine or coffee for 1215, as it features both. But alas, since this is a coffee article, we decided to compromise with the Irish coffee, which is our favorite in town. Sip it while munching on oatmeal in the morning, or accompany it with a charcuterie board later in the day.

Collective Espresso’s Cortado

Cincinnati's Best Coffee Shops | Collective Espresso

Photo courtesy of Brian Beyke from Abandon Coffee, via Collective Espresso

This craft coffee spot has expanded to three locations across the city, but still adheres to its original goal of serving coffee in its purest form — no syrup, no pretense, no nonsense. Try stopping in at this shop on a weekday, where you can order a cortado and enjoy the vibe.

The Redtree Art Gallery & Coffee Shop’s Honeysuckle Latte

When it comes to Redtree, everyone’s buzzing about the honeysuckle latte. Although the other lattes are nothing to scoff at, this one boasts a dollop of honey and hazelnut syrup, and warms straight to the soul. Sip on one — hot or frozen — while you admire the galleries from local artists.

The Coffee Emporium’s Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cold Brew

Photo courtesy of Tony Tausch The Coffee Emporium

The Coffee Emporium has gained quite the reputation over the years — and with the gorgeous Victorian touches, outdoor patio at two locations and tasty bites, we’re not surprised. This stop is a must for out-of-town guests, and remains a fan favorite. While you can’t go wrong with any of the signature sips, we go wild over the cold brew aged in bourbon barrels.

A Coffee Cocktail or Turkish Latte at Sidewinder

There are a few reasons you should visit this friendly shop in Northside. If Patrick the house bunny (yes, a real bunny) doesn’t immediately draw you in, maybe come for interesting coffee cocktails with names like the Kentucky Royal, the Dirty Mother or the Drunken Monkey King. Want to keep it virgin? The Turkish Latte, made with cardamom and honey, is sure to please.

A Flight of Three at M5 Espresso Labs

Cincinnati's Best Coffee Shops | M5 Espresso Labs

Photo courtesy of Alex Evans via M5

M5 offers ethically sourced coffee prepared with care and thoughtfulness. Though you could choose one excellent espresso sipper or a grassy light roast drip coffee — both exceptional — we say go with the flight. It’s tasty, fun, and the only one of its kind in Cincinnati.

A Cappuccino at Rohs Street Cafe

Rohs Street Cafe receives fresh, whole bean coffee deliveries from specialty roasters across the country on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check the website to see weekly offerings, and then stop in to sample an espresso brew. We recommend the cappuccinos, which are as beautiful as they are tasty.

A Drip Coffee from Deeper Roots

Cincinnati's Best Coffee Shops | Deeper Roots

Photos courtesy of Deeper Roots

As one of the most sought after roasters in the Midwest, Deeper Roots doesn’t need any fancy flavorings to make its coffee taste great. Here, we recommend keeping it simple with a Chemex pour over.

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